• soft chew grade graphic to compare different levels of chews

    For Gentle Chewers

    • Smaller Breeds | All Ages

    • Gentle Nibblers

    • Dogs that chew slowly and lightly

    • Rapid Chews - Typically under 5 minutes

    We recommend:

    Beef Jerky Sticks or Strips 
  • Long Lasting for Average Chewers

    • Medium-Large Size Breeds | All Ages

    • Average Chewers

    • Dogs that enjoy a good chew session but won't destroy things too quickly

    • Long Lasting Chews

    We recommend:

    Beef Collagen Chews 
  • super tough chew grade for aggressive chewers

    Longest Lasting for Power Chewers

    • Large Breeds | All Ages

    • Aggressive Chew Style

    • Dogs that can shred treats within minutes & need larger sized sticks for safety

    •Longest Lasting Chews

    We recommend:

    Beef Pizzle Bully Sticks 
  • Single Sourced Ingredient Chew Treats for Dogs
  • supports dental care for dogs plaque